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Alaska Traffic Ticket:

Alaska Driving School Course Features:

  • Online from start to finish
  • Access the course 24/7
  • Multimedia in every course unit
  • Call or email for Customer Support
  • Online registration is easy and secure

State Approval:

The Alaska DMV has approved this online course as a court-referred traffic school requirement for point reduction or following an Alaska Traffic Ticket. Check with your insurance company to see if they offer a valuable discount on your insurance rate after completing this course.

Courses Available:

Alaska Defensive Driving - Court Referred

  • Alaska courts refer drivers every day to take this course for the dismissal of a ticket.

Alaska Defensive Driving - Point Reduction

  • If you are an Alaska driver who would like to have points taken off of their driver record, this is the course for you.

Course Information:

Log in and out whenever it is convenient for you because this traffic school course is available online day and night. Never visit a lecture hall or a testing center, but work from your favorite online location. The course covers the important topics of defensive driving including communication, emergency preparations, weather conditions, vehicle maintenance, signs and signals, and the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

There are short quizzes throughout the course that will help you test your progress. They are each 10 questions based on the unit material, and if you cannot pass the first time then you can review the material and try again. Our customer service department works day and night to answer any questions about your requirements and the course. Call or email us today - we're happy to chat with you.

Final Examination:

There is a 25-question exam at the end of the Alaska Driving School program. The multiple-choice questions are taken straight from the course material and a score of 80% or more is necessary to pass the course and clear your unwanted ticket. Congratulations - this is the last requirement of the program!

Completion Certificate:

The Alaska Driving School Certificate of Completion will be electronically sent to the DMV once you have passed your final exam. Certificates are sent each weekday. Taking care of your Alaska Traffic Ticket has never been easier!

Purchase a Proof of Completion:

Because we conveniently submit your completion information to the DMV for you, we offer you the option of purchasing a Proof of Completion during sign up. We won't send you anything in the mail when you complete the course, so ordering a Proof of Completion is a great way to have something to keep for your personal records.

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