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Your Perfect Solution for Defensive Driving

Why sit through a boring classroom course during your free time, when you can complete your defensive driving right from home? Your easy Online Defensive Driving course gives you 24/7 access to your course, without the classroom or the hassle. You can work whenever you want, and take as many breaks as you need! It’s your simple way to put your needs first.

Easy, Accessible, and On Your Terms

Online driving safety courses put you in the driver’s seat – set your own deadlines, study on your own schedule, and follow whatever method works best for your busy life!

  • Log in and out from any computer
  • Access your course 24/7
  • Study when you find the time
  • Set a comfortable learning pace
  • Take unlimited breaks and work in sessions

There’s no driving involved, or timelines to keep. You don’t have to sacrifice your weekend to dismiss your traffic ticket. Instead, stay relaxed at home, and work on your course whenever you choose!

Meets Your Every Need

An online defensive driving course can fit the bill for whatever requirement you’re trying to meet! Not only can it dismiss your traffic ticket, but it also may function as:

  • A point reduction course – clear up your driving record of unwanted points!
  • An insurance reduction course – reduce your premium for long-term savings
  • A Safe Driver Credit course – some states and courts will give you a credit on your driving record for taking online driver safety courses
  • A court-ordered ticket dismissal course – if your course has asked that you take a defensive driving course due to violations, this course completes your requirement

So no matter what your goals are, your defensive driving course will rise to the occasion. Check with your court or insurance agency and see what you may be eligible for!

Technology at Your Service

It’s been proven that you learn better when you’re interested and engaged with the material in front of you. So instead of reading through pages of confusing and boring text, this course gives you an interactive experience that sparks your attention!

  • Watch videos and animations
  • Listen to audio clips
  • Learn through 3D graphics and visual aids
  • Enjoy short, subject-based chapters for faster learning

You want to complete your course and make that ticket disappear as quickly as possible, right? So forget about the tiresome classroom, and let your online defensive driving course work for you!