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Delaware Defensive Driving:

Delaware Driving School Course Features:

  • Easy, convenient, and affordable!
  • Access the course online from anywhere 24/7
  • Secure online payment options
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Friendly customer support available 24/7

State Approval:

This is a state-approved Delaware Defensive Driving program. Driving School U.S. offers students this course that is approved by the Division of Motor Vehicles and the Delaware Department of Insurance.

Courses Available:

Delaware 10% Auto Liability Insurance Reduction Basic Course

  • Reduce your auto insurance rate for 3 years and receive a 3-point credit for your Delaware Driving Record with this outstanding course.

Delaware 3-Year Refresher/Renewal Course

  • This course provides a 15% auto liability insurance reduction for three more years after the benefits from the basic course wear off. Register for this course within 90 days before the expiration of the basic course or within 2 years after it expires.

Course Information:

Delaware Driving School offers a complete defensive driving online education that includes accident avoidance, communication, weather conditions, technology, driver impairments, and much more. There is a short quiz after each unit that helps mark your progress but does not affect your final score. If you have any questions about registration, the course, certification, or the website, you can call us now! We are answering phone calls, and email messages 24/7. We pride ourselves on having great customer service and the wait time at our call center is an average of only 45 seconds. Driving School US has been helping drivers like you since 1998. We are concerned about your safety on the road and your success in our program, so contact us today.

Final Examination:

Driving School U.S. requires students to complete a final exam that consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. Retakes are free and unlimited so that students can review the Delaware Defensive Driving material and try again at any time.

Completion Certificate:

We automatically process and ship certificates to students completing the Delaware Driving School. Certificates are processed each day to make sure yours will arrive in a timely fashion. Need your certificate sooner? Take advantage of our low cost express shipping options.

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