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Idaho Traffic School Course

Idaho Driving School Course Features:

  • Easily accessible online classroom
  • Multimedia units for your enjoyment
  • 24/7 Customer Support online and on the phone
  • Money-back guarantee

State Approval:

We offer drivers an Idaho Traffic School Course that is approved by the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles. The course helps people remove pesky points from their DMV record and allows people over 55 to receive an insurance discount.

Courses Available:

Idaho Driver Improvement Course - Point Reduction

  • This is a state-specific online course that allows students to remove points from their record. It can be taken once every 3 years for that purpose. This same course is also available for people over 55 who are looking for an insurance discount.

Course Information:

The Idaho Traffic School Course is a top-quality online course provided by Driving School U.S. We bring you the most up-to-date, important information regarding driving safety issues in Idaho, and the whole course is available online! Never visit a lecture hall or step foot in a testing center; everything you need is right on your computer. Log in day or night, and complete as much as you wish at a time. Your progress will be saved to make things simple on your end. If you ever need help, our Customer Support reps are available 24/7! Call or email us and we will answer all of your questions about the requirements of the course, navigating the course website, certification, or anything else. Our Customer Support team can inform you about the refund and money-back guarantee policies that we offer our clients.

Final Examination:

Idaho Driving School will be complete when a 25-question final exam is taken and passed. You have unlimited attempts to pass the exam and you can review the material in between.

Completion Certificate:

Once you finish the driving school course, your Certificate of Completion will be printed and faxed to the DMV. We fax certificates every Friday. When you choose Driving School U.S. you are taking Idaho Traffic School the easy way.

Proof of Completion:

Because we fax your completion information to the DMV, you won't receive anything when you complete the course. Purchase a Proof of Completion during sign up so you'll have course completion information to keep for your personal records!  

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