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Traffic tickets are a fact of life, but traffic school doesn’t have to take over yours. This course is the ONLY Kentucky Driving School Online that has been approved by the state. This means that now you can remove points from your record, reduce your insurance costs, and become a better driver completely online! No more canceling plans so you’ll have time to go sit in a crowded classroom—with online traffic school you'll be able to fulfill your requirement without interfering with your life.


This Kentucky online traffic school course is taught 100% online so you can choose when, where and how you study. Developed with students in mind, this course facilitates better learning through user interaction. Each short, simple chapter is filled with interesting text, video and animation-based lessons that will help you move through the material faster and easier. And because it’s online, you can work at your own pace and on your own time. Using a unique bookmarking feature that allows for unlimited log ins and outs, you’ll have the freedom to complete the course all at once or in several manageable study sessions that fit your schedule. Taking your Kentucky Driving School online course will help you learn more, faster.


This Driving School Kentucky course is all-inclusive, so one low price pays for everything you’ll need. With no hidden fees, extra books or other materials necessary, you’ll be able to complete the course entirely online. And when you’re finished your certificate will be processed and mailed within one business day. If at any point you have questions about registering, receiving your certificate, or just working through the course you’ll have access to live customer support representatives that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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