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New Jersey Defensive Driving Course

New Jersey Driving School Course Features:

  • Accessible from any online computer
  • Easy-to-use website and course units
  • Video, audio, graphics, and animations
  • Top-Quality Customer Service 24/7
  • Safe, easy payment options

State Approval:

The Motor Vehicle Commission approves this New Jersey Defensive Driving Course for drivers wishing to receive a NJ point reduction or a reduction on their insurance rates. Driving School U.S. is happy to offer you this state-approved course.

Courses Available:

New Jersey Point and Insurance Reduction

  • This course from Driving School U.S. is an exciting online course that will help you remove 2 points from your record. Sign up once every 5 years for this helpful course and work towards safety and a perfect record!

Course Information:

Driving School U.S. has been in the business of providing approved courses to drivers and improving the safety of the road since 1998. This course brings you important safety information in a fun, multimedia setting. Sign on to the course from any online computer 24/7 and work entirely at your own pace. You can squeeze this course into any schedule, no matter how busy! The course covers basic and advanced defensive driving, signs and signals, communication, technology, basic maintenance, and drug and alcohol-related topics.

There is a quiz at the end of each unit. The quizzes are multiple choices and you can review the material and retry each one as many times as you need to. We support our New Jersey Defensive Driving Course students with a 24/7 Customer Service department. Call or email us today! To make sure that you are completely satisfied with your experience, we offer a money-back guarantee to all students. The refund is available within 30 days of registration and before attempting the final examination.

Final Examination:

Twenty-five multiple-choice questions make up the New Jersey Driving School final exam. You will be prepared after going through the units of the course to pass the exam with 80% or more. Retakes are no extra charge - just go back over the material and try again when you are ready.

Completion Certificate:

New Jersey Driving School processes and prints each certificate within one business day of course completion. Choose between low-cost express delivery and free regular delivery. Thanks for choosing; we’re always happy to help.

New Jersey Driving Record:

Make sure your New Jersey Driver Record is accurate could save you money on your auto insurance – or be the difference between getting and losing a new job.

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