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North Dakota Driving School Course Features:

  • Access the course from any online computer
  • Easy online classroom
  • Multimedia in every unit
  • Customer Service ready to help 24/7
  • Secure, easy online registration and payment options

State Approval:

North Dakota Defensive driving, available through Driving School U.S., is now approved statewide! The North Dakota Highway Patrol approves this program for you as an insurance discount and as a crash prevention course. Driving School U.S. is happy to provide this state-approved course to North Dakota drivers.

Courses Available:

North Dakota Insurance Discount & Crash Prevention Course

  • This is a superb North Dakota Driving School course. North Dakota will be eligible for an insurance discount of 5% for 2 years by completing the course requirements.

Course Information:

Driving School U.S. presents this course to North Dakota drivers in order to help you get up-to-date on the latest safety standards while earning valuable state-mandated benefits. Students will be confident and informed after studying online defensive driving tactics, communication, collision avoidance, weather and road conditions, vehicle maintenance, alcohol and drug-related impairments, and much more. There is no schedule too busy for this course because you can work at your own pace from any online computer 24/7. There is a quiz after each unit and it will need to be passed but it will not lower your final score.

North Dakota Defensive driving supports students with a top-quality customer service team. Call us or talk online and we can help you understand the requirements and answer any questions. Your satisfaction is our top priority at Driving School U.S and we offer a money-back guarantee to all our customers.

Final Examination: requires each student to take and pass a final exam on the course material. The test is 25 questions and a score of 80% or more is needed. If you do not pass on the first try, don’t worry! You can review the course units and try again at no extra charge.

Completion Certificate:

Congratulations! After passing the final exam, your North Dakota Driving School certificate will be printed same-day and sent in the delivery method you choose. At Driving School U.S., we care about your success. You will see the benefits from this valuable document in no time.

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