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Ohio Traffic School:

Ohio Driving School Course Features:

  • Self-paced online course
  • Helpful 24/7 Customer Service
  • Accessible from any online computer
  • Video, audio, graphics, and animations
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

Court Approval:

Driving School U.S Ohio Traffic School is court-approval in many places in Ohio. If you have received a traffic ticket in Ohio or are Ohio drivers looking for lower insurance rates, check with your local judge and your insurance company to see what completing this course can do for you.

Courses Available:

Ohio Court-Ordered Defensive Driving Course

  • Register today for Ohio Driving School if you have received a ticket and been referred by the court to take a course. This course covers basic and advanced defensive driving issues.

Course Information:

Driving School U.S. is happy to provide our customers with the most convenient, affordable way to complete a traffic school requirement. Our course has multimedia material in every unit in order to make your experience more enjoyable. The course is accessible entirely online meaning that you will never have to go to a lecture hall or testing center, or even the DMV. Just log on, go at your own pace, and you'll be finished in no time.

The course covers Ohio laws and regulations, city and highway driving, accident avoidance, impaired driving, and much more. After each unit there is a quiz on the subject of that unit. These quizzes are required, but they will not affect your final score. Ohio Traffic School provides the best customer support that we can to our students. You can call or email us anytime 24/7. We are so sure that you'll love this course that we offer a money-back guarantee.

Final Examination:

The course will come to an end when you take and pass the final exam. There are 40 multiple-choice questions that are based entirely on the course material. We allow students to retake the exam if they need to at no extra cost, so don't stress out!

Completion Certificate:

The Ohio Driving School provides students with a valuable Certificate of Completion that will be sent to the address you provide. Certificates are processed, printed, and sent out within one day of exam completion. Thank you for working with Driving School U.S.; we're happy to help you get your certification and get on with your life.

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