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Oklahoma Defensive Driving:

Oklahoma Driving School Course Features:

  • Convenient, informative curriculum
  • Online access 24/7 from any computer
  • Multimedia for every type of learner
  • Registration is secure and easy
  • Customer Service day and night!

Court Approval:

Many district courts in OK approve Oklahoma Defensive Driving and refer drivers to take the courses they offer. In many cases, if you have received traffic ticket, your court or judge will tell you to complete a driving school course like this one. Many OK drivers are also able to get an insurance discount by completing the course.

Courses Available:

Oklahoma Driving Safety Course

  • Driving School U.S. brings you this convenient online course so that you can fulfill your court-ordered requirements and improve your driving safety knowledge. We offer money-back guarantee for 30 days before taking the final exam so you can sign up today without a worry!

Course Information:

This Oklahoma Driving School course from Driving School U.S. is taken from your own computer. Our impressive online classroom combines video, audio, graphics, and animations in order to make sure your experience is enjoyable and informative. You can log on and off whenever, wherever and your work is automatically saved by our system. The topics that we cover include safety strategies, accident avoidance, vehicle maintenance, technology safety, laws and regulations, drugs and alcohol, and more.

The customer service staff is available 24/7 by phone or online. We are happy to answer your questions at any point during the course. We guarantee student satisfaction with a full money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied within 30 days of registration and before taking the final exam, we will award you a full refund(less $8 for processing). Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Final Examination:

Oklahoma Defensive Driving requires each student to take a final exam as the last requirement. There are 20 questions from the material that you will have been studying and if you have trouble the first time around, you can review the material and try again at no extra charge.

Completion Certificate:

After successful completion of the Oklahoma Driving School exam, your certificate will be processed and in the mail within one business day. Choose the delivery method that works best for you - regular delivery is free. Thanks for choosing the best online driving school program!

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