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Washington Defensive Driving:

Washington Driving School Course Features:

  • Convenient 24/7 online classroom
  • Multimedia course units
  • Registration is secure and simple
  • Live Customer Support 24/7

Court Approval:

The Washington Defensive Driving program is approved by Washington courts for your benefit. You may be referred by the court to take level 1 or 2 and you may be eligible for an insurance discount from your insurance provider. Driving School U.S. is happy to provide drivers like you with the opportunity to complete this court-approved course online.

Courses Available:

4-Hour Washington Course

  • This level 1 course is referred to drivers by their traffic court after a traffic citation is made to that driver.

8-Hour Washington Course

  • This level 2 course is referred to drivers by their traffic court generally after a second offense traffic citation.

Washington Driving School

  • This course is for drivers who are concerned about their own safety and the safety of Washington roads.

Course Information:

Driving School U.S. presents you with the most convenient and affordable Washington Defensive Driving course - and it’s completely online! This is a new, exciting way to complete your requirements without attending a classroom lecture or going to a testing center. The course includes multimedia material and is accessible 24/7 from your online computer. From vehicle maintenance to up-to-date laws to drug and alcohol-related issues, this course covers everything.

Customer support is available 24/7 from Driving School U.S. Contact us on the phone or by email - we're happy to help! If you are not completely satisfied, we have a money-back guarantee that is available for 30 days after registration and before the final exam. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Final Examination:

The last requirement of the program is a passing score on the online final exam. You must score 80% of the multiple-choice questions correctly. There is no charge for students who would like to look over the course and try again.

Completion Certificate:

Your Certificate of Completion from Washington Driving School will be on its way within one business day of the time you pass the exam. There is no charge for regular delivery and there are also low-cost expedited delivery options. Thank you for choosing Driving School US., where your success is our highest priority.

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